Best Musical Instrument Insurance in 2020

Best Musical Instrument Insurance

You have a musical instrument and if you want to care your instrument to long time they include protecting your instrument against disaster, theft, or damage or got Best Musical Instrument Insurance.

If you want to purchase instrument insurance policy, we’ve suggest which plan is good for you and what typical policies involve and which types of coverage and cost include in plan.

  1. What is Musical Instrument Insurance?
  2. Musical Instrument Insurance Coverage
  3. Cost of Musical Instrument Insurance.
  4. What to Look for in a Policy or Company?
  5. Do You Need Instrument Insurance?
  6. The 5 Best Musical Instrument Insurance Companies.

Best Musical Instrument Insurance

There are many type of musical instrument company located in the world. We are listed some of the best Instrument Insurance Provider Company in below. You can choose anyone of them.

  • Huntington T Block
  • Heritage Insurance Services
  • MusicPro Insurance
  • Travelers
  • Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions

What is Musical Instrument Insurance?

Musical Instrument Insurance is a agreement between you and a Musical Instrument Insurance company. You agree to paying for the policy on a regular basis, and the insurer agrees to pay a sum of money to your beneficiaries for your instruments against disaster, theft, or damage.

Musical Instrument Insurance Coverage

In the majority of cases, musical instrument insurance companies split tools to categories and almost every form is coated. As an example, we recorded all the categories of tools they insure.

Musical instrument insurance does not only cover the replacement cost of items damaged or misplaced, it can be personalized just like most other insurance coverages.

Policyholders can typically pick the amount of coverage that they want, their deductible and the coverages are relatively comprehensive. Insurance to get a musical tool covers the tool , chords and gear that accompany it and sheet music.

Cost of Musical Instrument Insurance

Premiums for musical instrument insurance may be as low as $10 per year or even tens of thousands of dollars, depending upon the device, the policyholder and other factors.

The expense of musical instrument insurance is based on a very long list of determinants, such as the declared value of the tool itself, in which the tool is saved, how often it’s played, while it’s employed as a hobby or professionally and many different factors.

The charge is generally less than many others. As an example, most flutes and guitars cost approximately $300 to $500 but many pianos price over $3,000.

Some audio insurance coverages have a minimum annual cost of about $150 per year, therefore it may not be worth obtaining a coverage to get a $300 or $500 tool (remember, there’ll also be a deductible).

Nevertheless, when it has to do with a piano or alternative high-value musical instruments, insuring those for about $200-$300 per year may be especially based on its usage.

What to Look for in a Policy or Company

By way of example, imagine that you simply plug in your electric guitar’s amp into an outlet in a really old studio place and the socket catches on fire and causes damage to your place.

Public liability insurance can help finance legal defense in the event the person who owns the site decides to sue you for the damage you cause and can also help pay for any payouts awarded by a judge.

Not all musical instrument insurance policies include liability insurance, however if you are a celebrity who switches your studio space, you may want to ask a representative how you can get liability coverage.

Musical instrument insurance frequently includes more than simply damage and theft. Your coverage will also offer liability insurance. There are following tasks include in policy you must be looking.

  • Your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance might already protect you.
  • Instrument insurance policy has its limits.
  • Probably need an appraisal before insuring a collectible
  • Not every insurance provider insures every instrument.
  • Your orchestra or ensemble might have a group insurance discount.

Do You Need Instrument Insurance?

If you want to invest in Musical Instrument Insurance. Following tasks apply to you.

  • You are Frequently Ship Your Instruments or Travel with Them
  • If you’re a Professional Musician
  • If You Collect High-Value Instruments

The 5 Best Musical Instrument Insurance Companies

There are many companies provide a musical instrument insurance but we are listed some of the best insurance provider companies given below. You can choose any one for them.

Heritage Insurance Services

Heritage Insurance Services is a family-owned and operated company that is dedicated to our goal of serving our clients with all their insurance needs by assisting you to manage and plan for all your potential dangers to shield your assets, loved ones and livelihood.

Policies with Heritage start at $200 per year and coverage choices range from $500 to $100,000,000, which makes the company equally as popular with students as it’s with antique collectors. For more information to visit official website.

Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions

It is a most reputable musical instrument insurer  company in the country. You may also qualify for significantly less costly”preferred pricing”, based on where your device is saved, how frequently you travel with your tools and your degree of professional expertise.

Anderson’s premiums are affordable compared to a few other opponents, and its coverage limitations are significantly higher than those that you can protected from many homeowners and renters insurance policies.

You can expect to pay between $165 and $250 annually for coverage based upon what instrument you play for around $30,000 worth of coverage.

MusicPro Insurance

MusicPro Insurance Agency LLC was made using a single charter — to offer affordable insurance to meet the needs of music professionals. Since our launch in 2000, we have become the leading choice of audio professionals to the security of the musical instruments and gear. Policy for this company is $100 per instrument.

Huntington T. Block

Huntington T. Block is a nice art and tool insurance service that works with everybody from personal collectors into a number of the world’s largest symphonies. Its specialty is insuring high-value sets and orchestra supplies. Saved from Huntington are believed”all risk,” which means that it provides coverage for all except named excluded perils.


If you purchase insurance for an individual attention from Travelers, you will not have to pay a deductible in case your product is lost, damaged or stolen. Travelers also offers group insurance alternatives for collectors and studio owners as well.

Travelers also provides additional coverage choices for musical instruments as well? Individual musical insurance coverages (known as”jewellery and valuable coverage”), as well as additional rider alternatives, can be available if you already purchase homeowners or tenants insurance from Travelers.

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